Sunday, 26 May 2019


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The American poet Henry Cuyler Bunner, who was also a renowned novelist and journalist penned this simple poem,” The heart of a Tree”. It tells about the beautiful connection man can weave with nature if he plants a tree. The poet asks certain questions at the beginning and a kind of answering them too in the following lines. This is a poetic device known as hypophora. The poem also hints on the moral obligation human beings have, to make this world a beautiful one.

The poem exalts those human beings who protect nature to be divine and Godly as they create heaven on earth as well. Like the creator, the man also provides home, for thousands of winged creatures and in return enjoy their blissful melodies. By planting trees, he makes this earth greener and habitable. Thus providing the future generations a green and comfortable place.

The life-sustaining rain is the bounty of trees. The man who plants a tree also harvests a good reap as he is indirectly responsible for bringing rain to the earth. A lush green forest is thus formed with his effort and he could have the joy of watching these blessings that no one has ever watched before.

The poet's use of simple diction , alliteration, metaphors and a load of visual images, transferred epithets, personification etc lends the poem a unique beauty of its own.

Indirectly the poet hints us that planting a tree is to honour nature and God above who has blessed us with plentiful bounties.

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